Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Little man" birthday party!

Alright, so I know the whole mustache thing is a bit played out, but I really couldn't resist. Ethan is, after all, our "little man" so it seemed fitting that he should have a party honoring him for just that! We spent the few days leading up to his party gathering bits and bobs that we've collected from our many trips to the antique store in Traverse City to give everything a bit of an old-fashioned feel. I was pretty happy with the results:

 I confused everyone when I put 'man'whiches on the menu! They thought we were having sloppy joe's. Ha!
 The attire? White shirts and ties! (Oh, and a mustache, or too!)

 I've discovered that I have an affliction for writing on balloons!

 "Beer" anyone?
 Even the desperately in  need-a-makeover of a downstairs bathroom got gussied-up for the party!
 And so did the upstairs bathroom. Hey, when did Ethan grow a mustache?
 The homemade ice cream sandwiches. Great in theory, not so great to actually make! But.....they were delicious so it was worth it (I think....)

These were so easy to make that I put my husband in charge of doing them!! (Wait, did that sound bad?)
And of course, the mustache photos! We all had a blast donning our manly accoutrement.

 Even the dogs followed the dress code..

And, of course, the little man himself! 
 By the time we got to his cake he was too tired to eat any of it!! But he did manage to make a mess!!
 Despite the ominous weather outdoors, indoors we all had a wonderful time celebrating the first year of this "little man's life". 

Special thanks to my uncle  Denny for taking over some of the photo duties while we entertained!

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