Saturday, June 4, 2011

 During the week I could swear that the clock starts speeding up as soon as all of our feet step through the door. We start our bedtime routine around 7:30 and lay the big guy down at 8:00 for the evening so that leaves roughly 2 and 1/2 hours between the time we get home and the nightly activities. And in that 2 and 1/2 hours, we certainly pack a mean punch. Dinner, running, playing, baths...sometimes I wonder how my body makes it through! So, I'll take all the help I can get. I normally try to plan on our dinners for the week on Friday night so my list is ready for Saturday morning (I know...wild Friday night, huh?). However, there are those weeks that my brain simply cannot merge into domestic mode and I completely draw a blank when it comes to making anything for the week. So, I always have a few standbys: breakfast and tacos.  Breakfast is great because we always have a carton of eggs in the fridge and there's always that lingering box of pancake mix begging to be taken out of the cabinet.

This was only the second time that Ethan has had pancakes, but I think that they've become a favorite. The best part? I love watching him pick up the entire cake and devour it with his few little chompers. 
There's nothing quite like farm fresh, organic eggs! 

 This is so good I'd better get a good look at it before it's all gone!

Stewie certainly knows where the action is...

We even let Ethan have his own little mini taco salad, which he promptly ate!! He was even trying to gather every last remnant of cheese that he could!

Even the tomatoes didn't stand a chance against this hungry little monster. Only a few seeds hanging on to the chubby little chin made it!

The smiles tell me that taco night was a hit for the little munchkin!

Thank goodness for easy dinners! That means more time to enjoy this guy...

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