Monday, August 1, 2011

A letter to my little love

To my homie:

You have your mommy's sense of humor. You're silly just like me. You're also stubborn just like me. We give daddy a real run for his money sometimes. You have a smile that lights up the entire room and a laugh that can make even the crankiest of mommy's smile so big.
You look just like your daddy so, naturally, I fell in love with you the minute I saw you. You have mommy's big blue eyes and I think you're going to have daddy's dimples, so you're probably going to be a heart breaker. Just remember, mommy is your first love!

You have such a big personality. I love your determination to do anything, even if it's just trying to climb the back of the couch.  Again, just like me, you're impatient and you have a hard time taking no for an answer. But I know that you'll go far in life because of it.

Your hugs and kisses make me melt. I know it's silly, but if it were up to mommy, you'd stay little forever. I sometimes just sit and look at you when you're in your big room sleeping and you seem so very small. It makes me sad to think that one day you won't need me in the same way that you do now but I can promise you that even when you're big and grown, I'll always be here and waiting.

You are the center of mommy and daddy's world. We have good days and we have some bad days, but our little family is full of so much love. You're so smart that it makes mommy cry and smile all at the same time. I'm already so proud of you. Whether it's learning a new word or bending your knees to shoot a basketball already, you're so determined! You pick up your little screwdriver, just like daddy, and you already know just what to do with it.

Mommy worries about you and always tells you to be careful and daddy laughs and says that I'm silly! You're so rough and tough that I'm sure you'll have lots of bumps and bruises and mommy will always come running to kiss it and make it all better.

When you point at your belly button, mommy points to hers and tells you "That's wear you were connected to mommy" and it always makes you smile. It makes me smile, too, homie. I loved every minute that you were in my belly. I most loved your hiccups. Mommy was so sensitive while you were in her belly that it made me laugh and cry (like lots of things still do when it comes to you).

When I finally married daddy I thought that was the happiest moment of my life. And it was, until I saw you. I always wondered what kind of mommy I would be, but you make me realize every day that as long as I give you all the love I have, nothing else matters.

I call you my homie. I'm sure other people think it's silly but it's your and mommy's "thing". You give me high fives, big hugs and lots of wrestles. You are and always will be the light of my life. You are what I am most proud of.

With all my love,
Your homie, Mommy

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